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For the use of the LineScanner on a tempering furnace – which is now also able to check anisotropy and edge stress in addition to geometry, surface quality, edge quality and also DMC codes - we have created a real masterpiece in regards to a visual, non-destructive tempering quality check.

In order to avoid iridescence such as rainbow polarization spots, tapes or rings in the glass, the LineScanner can test internal stress zones which lead to a birefringence of the light easily and quickly.

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With an inside view, you can understand. With an overall view, you can decide. With a far-sighted view, you can control things.

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As an innovative company, Softsolution specialises in automatic glass inspection systems, glass quality assurance systems, electronic image capture and software development in the glass industry. Advances based on customised solutions and innovative technologies are opening up new perspectives for our customers and partners – sustainably and with foresight around the world.

Softsolution is setting new standards
Staying ahead of the competition means producing faster, more efficiently and more flexibly. These factors play an important role in the glass industry, where the exacting demands of customers and partners must be met. This is why we have devoted ourselves to the topic of glass for more than 15 years, specialising in glass quality control systems at the highest technical level in the glass industry.

Quality made in Austria
All our glass quality assurance systems and products are developed and produced at our location in Waidhofen/Ybbs in Austria – from individual components and software to the final finished product. As an all-in supplier, our service covers the entire process from the beginning of the planning phase right through to the implementation and manufacture of our products.

Personal advice
We will assist you as a competent partner. At Softsolution, we attach great importance to the highest levels of quality and safety. Convince yourself of our range of automatic glass quality inspection systems – we will be pleased to provide you with personal advice for customised solutions.

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Demands on glass are getting more complex by the day. We at Glass IQ don't just want to keep up with the trends, we want to be a step ahead.  

LineScanner is already being used all over the world, setting new benchmarks in the glass industry. More details on that coming up. 

Brand new innovations for glass inspection

Dimensional control of glass

Available as an option to the LineScanner, the EDM system is able to give you exact dimension information of your piece of glass. Accuracy +/- 0,25 mm independent of the glass length. No other system within the glass industry  allows to check the dimensions of a glass with such an accuracy. 

Check for the overall bending

Brand new development for the LineScanner. Quality check for the overall bending of a piece of glass! Available for vertical installations. It checks the bending on a specific (adjustable) height of the glass. 

Automotive glass - quality check

Within 4 seconds, the LineScanner is able to check an automotive glass completely according quality, dimension or logos. The LineScanner is able to detect quality related defects on screen printed glass.


Flexibility and simplicity are principles of the LineScanner. We use the same concept for vertical as well as for horizontal installation. Details


Our CulletScanner scans every fragmentation image with highest resolution. Independent if it is automotive- or architectural glass. Details


VirtualDigitizing - our software for flexible digitizing solutions for templates , without a digitizing table. Details

Glass iq

We make quality visible.


Flexibility and simplicity are principles of the LineScanner. We use the same concept for vertical as well as for horizontal installation. Installable at any position, because of the slim construction. Only the scan bridge will be installed. Almost no space required, especially not behind a production line.

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CulletScanner analyses tempered and heat stengthend glass according available norms. The whole break pattern is scanned and archived.

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VitrualDigitizing creates DXF files out of templates or digital images in highest precision.  Within few minutes you can send a DXF contour with marks for hole drilling to CNC controlled machinery.

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