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Quality Management Products for glass

  • LineScanner

    Experience the new quality of scan technology.

    Flexible and space-saving in operation, the LineScanner can inspect all transparent flat glass products for the common defects of quality and dimension. A system, which can be horizontally or vertically installed to check the quality of flat glass and other transparent products according dimension, quality and surface. 

  • CulletScanner

    Convince yourself of our innovative technology.

    Thanks to its unique and fully automated error detection, CulletScanner scans every fragmentation image with maximum resolution and analyses this precisely and completely within seconds. Full automatic analyse and counting of fragmentation test in reference to ESG glass. 

  • VirtualDigitizing

    Will change the way you work.

    Fast and simple digitisation of templates, 2D objects and drawings without the need for a digitisation table – an intelligent solution for tomorrow’s production. Product to digitize templates and drawing in highest precision, based on a digital image.