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linescanner - Automatic glass defect inspection system

The LineScanner is THE solution for all quality inspections of transparent flat glass products such as single sheets, insulating
glass, automotive glass, processed glass, polycarbonate or film. LineScanner inspects your products with extreme precision for all defects in quality and dimension. Its flexibility as well as its simple operation and installation allow it to be put into operation quickly and easily with minimum space requirements.

Especially in the glass industry, it's increasingly important, to meet the high demands of customers and partners. Since years Softsolution deals with the complex issue of checking the quality assessment of flat glass. Therefore we have developed a scanner which will revolutionize also your business!

Developed in Waidhofen/Ybbs, Softsolution produces unique LineScanners at the highest technical level. Many years of expertise and experience in the glass industry and with over 500 installations worldwide, Softsolution guarantees for excellent glass defect inspection systems on the market. Our LineScanner helps to deliver consistent quality to your customers and thus reduce the complaint ratios.

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linescanner - all-in-one system

glass inspections at the highest level

  • Surface edge quality

    The LineScanner checks your products with extreme precision for all quality and surface defects.

  • Dimension

    Thanks to the LineScanner, dimensional defects can be checked and optical errors can be quickly detected and avoided.

  • Special quality checks

    Glass thickness, the coating side and element structure can be quickly and easily examined by special quality tests

  • Tempering quality

    By now the LineScanner  is  able to check anisotropy and edge stress on a tempering furnace. 

linescanner features

invest in the future

Manual glass quality assessment is a thing of the past!

The unique parallel light technology enables the LineScanner to be operated with the same setup to inspect single sheets
as well as finished insulation elements both horizontally and vertically. An automatic glass defect inspection system that excels with maximum flexibility and extreme ease of use.

The LineScanner inspects flat glass products for optical defects like scratches, inclusions, edge chips, screen printing, bars as well as dimensional defects with regard to overall dimensions, drill hole diameter and position. Glass thickness, the coating side and element structure can be quickly and easily examined. Thanks to the use of specially developed glass encoders, the position and size of defects can be optimally displayed.

Technological advantages

  • Resolutions of up to 400dpi and 16bit technology enabling a highly accurate scan image of the inspected object
  • An inspectation with 90° of all areas of the respective object , leads to stable , repeatable results
  • The proven , high-speed and high-resolution technology is based on scanning modules and an optimized parallel light illumination with LED 's.

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