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automotive glass inspection system

Defects in automotive glass

Automotive glass is one of the products of the fl at glass industry that are subject to the highest quality standards. Besides aesthetics and safety, a sheet of automotive glass must demonstrate perfect quality. The LineScanner quality assessment of automotive glass performs inspections of such sheets – precisely, flexibly and at the highest technical level. 

Thanks to its outstanding scanning performance and reliability, the LineScanner ensures exact defect detection at many different stages of production, helping to identify faults at an early stage. The LineScanner’s specific characteristics based on its low floor-space requirements and its ability to inspect screen printing and logos, make it a comprehensive quality assurance system.

Optical defects

  • scratches
  • inclusions
  • coating voids
  • damage to edges
  • overall size
  • drill hole position and diameter
  • logo inspection
  • screen printing position
  • screen printing errors

Flagging of defects in logos

Automotive glass must be in perfect condition before it is installed. Equipped with an integrated, optical inspection system, the LineScanner sets new standards in checking the quality, position and orientation of logos on automotive glass. Thanks to the LineScanner, defective logos can be identified quickly and precisely.


Optical defects

  • missing parts of the logo
  • distortion
  • weak or strong ink
  • rotation
  • dislocation
  • staining

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