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quality assessment of processed glass

Defects in processed glass

Processed glass in single sheets, whether toughened and/or laminated, demand the highest quality. The slightest defects in the glass are noticeable as soon as it is installed. Thanks to the LineScanner, optical defects can be quickly detected and avoided. Besides examining dimensions, there is an additional inspection of special cutout sections for fittings.

The scope of inspection extends to position and diameter for simple drill holes and counterbores. The LineScanner recognises what type of glass is being inspected independently and fully automatically (single sheet, toughened glass or laminated glass) and accordingly applies different quality tolerances.

Optical defects

  • scratches
  • inclusions
  • finger prints
  • coating voids
  • overall dimensions
  • drill hole position and diameter (inner and outer) 
  • cutout section inspection
  • glass type detection

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