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all-in one linescanner

Telecentric scan system equipped with additional polarization and analysis slides & filters.

Available LineScanner checks on a tempering furnace:

  • Isotropy / anisotropy value [%]
  • Edge stress  [MPa]
  • Glass quality (scratches, inclusions ...)
  • Screen print quality (pinholes, screen printing position)
  • Edge quality control (edge chip)
  • Glass dimension (drill hole positions, diameter ...)
  • Logo position & quality (picture in picture adjustment)
  • Data matrix interpretation


Isotropy / Anisotropy proportion

To get an exact measurement of the distribution of tensions as well as the quality value for each pane, every pixel with a size of 0,12 x 0,12 mm is being measured. 

In collaboration with the Rheinisch-Westfälischen institute of technology Aachen – Ms. Dr eng. Ruth Kasper, Prof Dr eng. Markus Feldmann, Pietro die Biase and Benjamin Schaf – as well as the colleagues from the institute of technology Munich – Prof Dr eng. Christian Schuler and Steffen Dix – as well as the German architectural glass fabricator VitroDUR – Uwe Bergmann and UNIGLAS – DI (FH) Thomas Fiedler mathematical structures and the necessary technical basics have been initially acquired and developed. The result is an exact determination of the isotropic and anisotropic areas of a tempered lite together with a final quality result.

For a professional and comprehensive definition of the quality, it is also important to measure the edge stress along all edges of a specific lite. By doing so, the LineScanner determines the edge stress levels and provides a precise result regarding the expected fragmentation pattern. Only this unique and telecentric, provided by the Softsolution LineScanner, can offer a solution that includes every combination of quality check possible all within a single quality inspection system. 

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