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Your TEAM for QUALITY Excellence

Since 1994 Softsolution is engaged to develop and work on special IT projects. In the year of 2002 we have started our engagement within the glass industry and we have started our trimphual procession there. Nowadays, Softsolution has 44 employees and 4 main divisions: 

  • Admin IQ - software development and administration for companies and schools
  • Imaging IQ - digital image analysis
  • System IQ - regional IT service provider
  • Glass IQ -  Quality assurance systems for the glass industry

Our vision is to constantly improve our products. Keywords like quality and to fullfil the expectations of our clients are an implicitness.


Location Waidhofen an der Ybbs
Im Vogelsang 18
3340 Waidhofen an der Ybbs
T +43 7442 53988

Location St. Florian
Pummeringplatz 3
4490 St. Florian
T +43 7224 20034